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Boatyard at Beer have taken on responsibility for the build and sale of the Rooster Epoxy Streaker to the sailing public which is now one of the fastest growing single handed classes in the country with circuit events and happy club sailors of all sizes.  The Streaker is a lightweight, well behaved single-hander which offers extremely lively racing performance in a very broad range of conditions and the hull weight of only 48 kg makes launching and recovery easy.

Available as an optional extra is the curved track for the centre main jammer recently accepted by the National Streaker Association, and all our boats come fitted with our new carbon edged daggerboard and rudder blade with uphaul/downhaul. 

The Boatyard at Beer has made improvements by making a slightly bigger kickrail at the back of the box providing secure footing when roll tacking etc.  and now fit the supermini self bailer as an optional extra in front of the aft tank on the starboard side.  We now glue in foam bulkheads and have adjusted the laminate specification without compromising the stiffness of the hull and deck which enables us to fit maximum correctors under the thwart.  All the latest Streakers are baked to 50 degrees in the new RS oven.