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Boatyard at Beer Solo

The Boatyard at Beer are now manufacturing an innovative new shape Solo hull, built from a plug and mould constructed in the winter of 2013. We wanted to design a boat that would be robust, fast and good looking. The shape is based on long experience of racing winning dinghies, and from collaboration with Jim Hunt and Andy Davis on previous Solo builds. All the factors which make a Solo fast were examined and existing fast shapes also researched. From this, small but significant incremental improvements were made which are known from racing experience to materially enhance performance. The lines are optimised where tolerances allow but are not extreme and conform to all relevant Solo class rules. Particular attention has been paid to creating a symmetrical boat with fair and true lines.  Every aspect of the boat has been considered in the search for improvement.

New foil moulds have been CAD designed and 5-axis CNC machined to ensure trueness and consistency of build.

The hull shape has performed well and the feedback from existing customers is good indicating that the boats overall handling and speed of hull is an improvement over earlier designs.


“On a championship course in a F5, I am convinced that this Solo is 100 yards per reach/downwind leg quicker than any other Solo that I have ever owned – it’s astoundingly quick!  Up wind I feel bang on the money and downwind it is simply amazing.”

Andrew Voysey S5735 HISC