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Boatyard at Beer RS300

The Boatyard at Beer make the RS300 and are now baking them to 50 degrees in our RS Sailing oven, available in three options, bare hull, fully fitted out and complete boat ready to race. The RS300 is a one-design, single-handed, hiking dinghy designed by Clive Everest and first produced in 1998. The RS300 offers challenging yet rewarding sailing in what is one of the quickest boats on the market, looking like it could take off at any moment she’s more than aesthetically pleasing, having won accolades ever since the day it was launched. It’s a boat that evokes passion and desire, carefully designed to be both beautiful and extreme the RS300 is truly inspirational.
Won Small Sailing Boat of the Year Award (1998) at the British Nautical Awards.


“…one of the most challenging and exciting dinghies I have ever sailed…”, as well as “…the first boat that I have sailed that is a joy just to sail around the course let alone race…”


Steve Cockerill, Yachts and Yachting 2000