Gecko Hull works

As well as being commissioned to completely re-deck Gecko we have also been asked to attend to her bottom!  As you can see she was turned upside down and the rubbing strakes and slot gasket were removed so that we could start to rub down the paint work and before applying the undercoat.

Graduate rebuild Gecko

The Boatyard at Beer has been commissioned with re-decking and re-painting a much loved Graduate called Gecko, the work is well under way and Kevin has been investigating various areas of damage and stripping off the old varnish and decking to make way for new tiger ply decks, mahogany gunwales and repairing the centreboard case.  Pictures show Gecko at the start of this procedure.

Updates from Boatyard at Beer

HI folks,

Just a quick up date we have now been very busy and have produced 32 boats this year (still got another couple of months to go) and still counting, currently we are completing another 3 Solo and then onto another batch of RS200.  At the moment one of our Solo in this current batch is for sale so if you are interested in a new boat for the new year please give us a ring, hopefully after Christmas we will be doing a batch of Streakers and if there are any Streaker sailors out there who would like a new boat then again please get in touch as we could increase the number that we build to accommodate you if you want one.

Breaking news

Hi all bloggers,

Sorry we have been off line for a while – the computer gremlins had struck again, just to update you on a few items which are coming up.  The Boatyard will be at the Dinghy Show again this year, please look out for our Solo which is featured on the Allen stand, our Streaker which this year is featured on the National Streaker stand, our Graduate which will be on the National Graduate stand and we will also have two boats on the RS stand, not bad for a little firm.  We will be building another batch of Streakers in June and also have a couple of Solo’s in stock for immediately delivery if you are interested, please give us a ring.

Ally Pally Streakers

Kevin also took up our new streaker for display on the Streaker stand, pictures taken as the boat was being displayed before the opening of the show.  This caused quite a lot of interest on the Saturday,  people were interested in the boat and our new carbon edged daggerboard.  If you would like a boat or a daggerboard please get in touch.


DSCN0582 DSCN0581DSCN0564

New Streaker Carbon Edged Daggerboard

DSCF7113 DSCF7114DSCF7139

Pictures of our new carbon edged Streaker Daggerboard, which is now available from the Boatyard at Beer for the price of £350.00 plus packing and postage, we are currently having the tooling designed for the new Streaker Rudder which we are hoping to have ready for mid-summer, our new boat with daggerboard will be at the Dinghy Show, why not pop by Stand C66 and have a look?  These new daggerboards should fit all existing Rooster boats as well.

New Streaker

DSCF7147 DSCF7148

DSCF7149 DSCF7150

Pictures attached of our new Streakers being fitted out and waiting for collection by customers, we have just done a batch of 6 and are looking forward to doing another batch and the next free slot will be around June/July, anyone interested in new boats please contact us, there will be a new boat at the Dinghy Exhibition complete with the new carbon edged centreboard, find us on stand C66